CD Various - The Golden Age Of Northern Soul

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Prekės būklė: Naudotas

Produkto kodas: B5013993790525
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1-1 Love Is A Serious Business
Alfie Davison
1-2 If You And I Had Never Met
Magic Night
1-3 Look Back Over Your Shoulder
Archie Bell
1-4 Talk Of The Grapevine
J. J. Barnes
1-5 All Over The World
Chuck Jackson
1-6 Man Up In The Sky
Johnny Bristol
1-7 Wam Bam Ala Kazam
The Tricks
1-8 Hot On The Heels
1-9 Don't Pretend
The Belles
1-10 Your Magic Put A Spell On Me
L.J. Johnson
1-11 Bless Your Heart
Chairmen Of The Board
1-12 Prove Yourself A Lady
James Bounty
1-13 Bari Track
Doni Burdick
1-14 Just A Boy's Dream
The Phonetics
1-15 If It's All The Same To You Babe
Luther Ingram
1-16 Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You
Darrell Banks
1-17 I Have A Girl
The Magnetics
1-18 (Come On And Be My) Sweet Darlin'
Jimmy Clark
1-19 Hit And Run
Rose Batiste
1-20 Looking For A Woman
Brooks Brothers
1-21 That's Why I Love You
The Professionals
1-22 Movin' On A Groove
Barbara Lynn
1-23 Baby I'm Still The Same Man
James Wells
1-24 Don't Be Sore At Me
The Parliaments
1-25 All The Way Home
Dee Edwards
2-1 I Got The Fever
2-2 Love You Baby
Paula Rousell
2-3 My Sugar Baby
Frank Wilson
2-4 Going To A Happening
Tommy Neal
2-5 Rosemary What Happened
Richard "Popcorn" Wylie
2-6 Beware She's Pulling My Heart Strings
2-7 Compared To What
Mr. Flood's Party
2-8 No One To Love
Pat Lewis
2-9 Has It Happened To You Yet
Edwin Starr
2-10 My Sugar Baby
Sherlie Matthews
2-11 I Can't Get Away
Bobby Garrett
2-12 Don't Start None
The Mayfield Singers
2-13 Our Love Is In The Pocket
J. J. Barnes
2-14 Cool Off
The Detroit Executives
2-15 The Wrong Side Of Town
The Four Vandals
2-16 Trick Me, Treat Me
2-17 This Time I'm Loving You
Venecia Wilson
2-18 Lucky Number
Ronnie McNeir
2-19 C'mon And Dance Now
Helena Ferguson
2-20 Don't Wait Around
The Elgins
2-21 Back By Popular Demand
The Supremes
2-22 Dreaming Up A World Of Fantasy
The Charades
2-23 Baby You're The Fire
The Del-Satins
2-24 We're Going To Party
Detroit Sound
2-25 This Is The House Where Love Died
First Choice