CD Various - The Best Of Northern Soul - Vol 3

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Prekės būklė: Naudotas

Produkto kodas: B5060079761108
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1 My Dear Heart
Shawn Robinson
2 Quick Change Artist
The Soul Twins
3 Burning Sensation
Robby Lawson
4 Sun Is The Sun
World Column
5 Wonders Of Love
Soul Gents
6 Let Our Love Grow Higher
Eula Cooper
7 Love Is A Good Foundation
Leslie Uggams
8 She Said Goodbye
Billy Hambric
9 That's Alright
Ed Crook
10 Talk Of The Grapevine
Donald Height
11 Spring Song (New Girl)
The Accents
12 Goose Pimples
Shirley J. Scott
13 Colalined Baby
Dave Love
14 Ain't That Right
Brice Coefield
15 Somebody Help Me
Donald Jenkins & The Delighters
16 Nothing Worse Than Being Alone
The Ad Libs
17 Ain't That Good Enough
Garland Green
18 Your Love Is Getting Stronger
The Four Voices
19 I Need You Like A Baby
Andrea Henry
20 Somebody Somewhere Needs You
Darrell Banks
21 Be Proud (You're In Love)
Gail Anderson
22 When You Lose The One You Love
Buddy Smith
23 I Won't Be Coming Back
Jay Dee Bryant