CD Tchaikovsky & Lina Mkrtchyan & Evgeny Talisman - Songs

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Prekės būklė: Naudotas

Produkto kodas: B0709861302192
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1 Don't ask me
2 I bless you, oh woods
3 Why?
4 Not a word, my friend
5 A tear trembles
6 It was early spring
7 To forget so soon
8 If only in a single word
9 Don't believe me, my friend
10 If only I had known
11 Reconciliation
12 No, only he who knows ...
13 Whether it be by day
14 In the middle of a noisy ball
15 I opened the window
16 Night
17 The gypsy's song
18 I was just a blade of grass
19 Alone as I was before
20 The nightingale
21 The feat
22 Cradle song