CD Mike Peters - 30th Anniversary Acoustic Alarm Tour 1981-2011

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Produkto kodas: B21C059
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CD1-1 One step closer to home
CD1-2 Tell me
CD1-3 We are the light
CD1-4 Edward Henry Street
CD1-5 Peace agreement
CD1-6 In a big country
CD1-7 The deceiver
CD1-8 Majority
CD1-9 The drunk and the disoerderly
CD1-10 The rock
CD1-11 Breaking point
CD1-12 Father to son
CD1-13 Hardland
CD1-14 The wasting land
CD1-15 Only the thunder
CD1-16 Rivers to cross
CD1-17 Bells of Rhymney
CD1-18 Lie of the land
CD1-19 Elders and folklore
CD1-20 All is forgiven
CD1-21 What happened to the love we made ?
CD1-22 Without a fight
CD1-23 Deeside
CD1-24 Hallowed ground
CD1-25 Working class hero
CD2-1 Change II
CD2-2 Superchannel
CD2-3 Regeneration
CD2-4 Happy Xmas (war is over)
CD2-5 Third light
CD2-6 Shout to the devil
CD2-7 Another country
CD2-8 Higher call
CD2-9 My town
CD2-10 Levi's and bibles
CD2-11 Back into the system
CD2-12 Who's gonna make the peace ?
CD2-13 Devolution working man blues
CD2-14 Permanence in change
CD2-15 It's alright / it's ok
CD2-16 The day the ravens left the tower
CD2-17 High on the hill
CD2-18 The rock and roll
CD2-19 Up for murder
CD2-20 Across the border
CD2-21 Transcendental
CD2-22 Pavilion steps
CD2-23 Badge of honour
CD2-24 No frontiers
CD2-25 Rose beyond the wall