CD Anne Shelton - The Best Of

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Prekės būklė: Naudotas

Produkto kodas: B0724358401523
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Kategorijos: CD Pop CD
1 Let's Face The Music And Dance
2 Don't Leave Me Now
3 Don't Say Goodbye
4 Juke Box Rag
5 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
6 Village Of St. Bernadette
7 What Have They Told You
8 Bridge Of Sighs
9 Teach Me Tonight
10 In The Windmills Of Your Mind
11 I Get So Lonely
12 To Love And Be Loved
13 Love Him So Much I Could Scream
14 Goodnight Well It's Time To Go
15 If I Give My Heart To You
16 Why Does It Have To Be Me
17 Cross Over The Bridge
18 Crystal Ball
19 If We All Said A Prayer
20 My Yiddishe Momme
21 Souvenir D'Italie
22 My Gypsy Heart