CD Al Bowlly & Ray Noble & His Orchestra - The Dance Band Years

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Produkto kodas: B5016073055729
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1-1 The Very Thought Of You
1-2 Over My Shoulder
1-3 By The Fireside
1-4 When You've Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart
1-5 Hold My Hand
1-6 Close Your Eyes
1-7 Lazy Day
1-8 Lying In The Hay
1-9 We've Got The Moon And Sixpence
1-10 Time On My Hands
1-11 You Ought To See Sally On Sunday
1-12 One Morning In May
1-13 Maybe I Love You Too Much
1-14 I'll Do My Best To Make You Happy
1-15 I'll String Along With You
1-16 How Could We Be Wrong
1-17 Sailin' On The Robert E. Lee
1-18 Roll Up The Carpet
1-19 Love Locked Out
1-20 Dreaming A Dream
1-21 After All, You're All I'm After
1-22 There's Something In Your Eyes
1-23 Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
1-24 Got A Date With An Angel
1-25 Guilty
2-1 I Was True
2-2 One Little Quarrel
2-3 All I Do Is Dream Of You
2-4 Remember Me
2-5 I Never Had A Chance
2-6 Little Valley In The Mountains
2-7 Freckle Face, You're Beautiful
2-8 Isle Of Capri
2-9 Weep No More My Baby
2-10 Goodnight Sweetheart
2-11 Thanks
2-12 My Hat's On The Side Of My Head
2-13 This Is Romance
2-14 Song Without Words
2-15 Love Is The Sweetest Thing
2-16 On A Steamer Coming Over
2-17 Oceans Of Time
2-18 Yours Truly Is Truly yours
2-19 Dinner For One Please, James
2-20 Where Am I?
2-21 Down By The River
2-22 The Touch Of Your Lips
2-23 Why Dream?
2-24 Where The Lazy River Goes By
2-25 With All My Heart