CD The Clancy Brothers - The Men of the West

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Код продукта: B5027626407322
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Категории: CD Все
1 Will Ye Go Lassie Go
2 As I Roved Out
3 Cruise of the Calabar
4 The Irish Girl
5 B is for Blarney
6 Green Gravel
7 The Maid of Ballydoo
8 See Saw and Others
9 All Around the Lonely O
10 When I Was Single
11 I'll Tell My Ma
12 The Doffin Mistress
13 I Know My Love
14 The Dark-Eyed Gypsy
15 The Barnyards of Dalgety
16 The Bard of Armagh
17 The Bold Tenant Farmer
18 Johnny I Hardly Knew You
19 The Real Old Mountain Dew
20 O'Donnell Aboo
21 Finnegan's Wake
22 Portlairge
23 Boulavogue
24 Courting in nthe Kitchen
25 Tipperary, So Far Away
26 The Men of the West