CD The City Of Prague Philharmonic - The Longest Day (The Ultimate World War Movie Theme Collection)

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Код продукта: B0738572081225
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Категории: CD Все Саундтрек
1-1 The Longest Day (From "The Longest Day")
1-2 Main Titles (From "Attack On The Iron Coast")
1-3 Prelude (From "Band Of Brothers")
1-4 Theme (From "Band Of Brothers")
1-5 Aces High (From "Battle Of Britain")
1-6 Main Titles (From "The Battle Of The Bulge")
1-7 Overture / The Bridge / Finale (From "The Blue Max")
1-8 Theme (From "Das Boot")
1-9 Main Titles (From "The Bridge At Remagen")
1-10 Colonel Bogey (From "The Bridge On The River Kwai")
1-11 Overture (From "A Bridge Too Far")
1-12 March (From "The Caine Mutiny")
1-13 The Prisoner's March (From "The Captive Heart")
1-14 Suite (From "Casablanca")
2-1 Prelude / Dawn Patrol / U-Boat Alert (From "Coastal Command")
2-2 Prelude And Nocturne (From "The Cruel Sea")
2-3 March (From "The Dambusters")
2-4 Overture (From "Diary Of Anne Frank")
2-5 Main Titles (From "The Eagle Has Landed")
2-6 Exsultate Justi (From "Empire of the Sun")
2-7 As Far As Florence / Rupert Bear (From "The English Patient")
2-8 A Meditation On War (From "Fear And Desire")
2-9 Main Titles (From "Force Ten From Navarone")
2-10 Adagio (From "Gallipoli")
2-11 Main Title (From "The Great Escape")
2-12 Prelude / The Legend / Finale (From "The Guns Of Navarone")
3-1 Hanover Street (From "Hanover Street")
3-2 Main Titles (From "Hindenburg")
3-3 The Rock / First Victory (From "In Harm's Way")
3-4 Main Titles (From "Is Paris Burning?")
3-5 King Rat (From "King Rat")
3-6 Main Title / That Is The Desert / Overture (From "Lawrence Of Arabia")
3-7 Disaster (From "Lifeboat
3-8 The Generals Suite (From "Macarthur & Patton")
3-9 Finale Part Two (From "Malta G.C.")
3-10 Main Theme (From "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence")
3-11 Main Theme (From "Battle Of Midway")
3-12 Suite (From "The Mountain Road")
3-13 March (From "1941")
4-1 Prelude (From "The Naked And The Dead")
4-2 Main Titles (From "The Night Of The Generals")
4-3 Main Titles (From "Paradise Road")
4-4 On Patrol (From "Paths Of Glory")
4-5 Heart Of The Volunteer (From "Pearl Harbor")
4-6 Hymn To The Fallen (From "Saving Private Ryan")
4-7 Main Theme (From "Schindler's List")
4-8 Overture (From "Sergeant York")
4-9 Overture (From "The Sharkfighters")
4-10 Main Titles (From "Sink the Bismarck!")
4-11 Main Theme (From "633 Squadron")
4-12 Main Titles (From "Where Eagles Dare")
4-13 Theme (From "The World At War")
4-14 Theme (From "The Longest Day")