CD The Big Movie Orchestra - Themes From The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

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Part One - Suite From The Fellowship Of The Ring
1 The Prophecy
2 Concerning Hobbits
3 Theme For Aragorn And Arwen
4 Lothlorien
5 Gandalf's Lament
6 Darture Of Boromir
7 May It Be
Part Two - Suite From The Two Towers
8 Foundations Of Stone
9 Smeagol's Theme
10 The King Of The Golden Hall
11 Evenstar
12 Breath Of Life
13 Samwise The Brave
14 Gollum's Song
Part Three - Suite From The Return Of The King
15 A Storm Is Coming
16 The Steward Of Gondor
17 Twilight And Shadow
18 The Black Gate Opens
19 Use Well The Days
20 The End Of All Things
21 The Return Of The King (Aragorn's Coronation)
22 The Grey Havens
23 Into The West